Meditation Class in English: Recharge, rejuvenate, repeat! Meditations for your inner spring time 

  • Thursday | Course in English
  • 7.30 – 8.30 p.m
  • Kadampa Meditation Centre Berlin
  • 8€ | included in the S-/M-/L-Membership of KMC Berlin
  • Kelsang Jetsun

Course Description

A five-week course to leave the old behind. Get rid of those old rags and open up to a new you! The Buddhist meditations on exchanging self with others are the ultimate method to cultivate an inexhaustible source of energy and joy.  

April 25: Time for some spring cleaning! 

We know our potential for limitless happiness and joy, even though sometimes it’s so hidden that we can’t even see it. How can we make come to the surface? A meditation on the disadvantages of the self-centred mind will help us identify what needs “clearing “.  

May 2: A million flowers, one big garden  

In this session we can lean to equalise ourselves with others so that our potential for deep inner peace and happiness can be nurtured and immensely grow. In this session we will meditate on equalising self with others. 

May 9: Handle with care  

Our mind is our best friend. But it can also turn into our worst enemy. Luckily, we have the freedom to choose which path to follow. A special meditation on the disadvantages of self-cherishing that will give us real perspective and help us take informed decisions.  

May 16: The fountain of youth  

Ever wondered why some people travel from joy to joy, always feel strong and never complain? Discover the fountain of their mental youth by joining us in this adventure! We will meditate on the advantages of the loving mind that deeply cherishes others. 

May 23: A change is as good as a break 

We associate travel and holiday with regeneration and rejuvenation. However, this can also be done internally. We move our mind from an unhappy place to a joyful one. It’s that simple. This meditation will give us the confidence to experience the freedom that stems from abandoning excessive self-concern and putting ourselves in other’s shoes.  

This course will be based on the instructions known as Training the Mind in Seven Points by Geshe Chekawa and following the text Universal Compassion from the highly acclaimed author Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche.  

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