What is a Retreat?

In a retreat we leave everyday life behind us, to delve deeper into meditation. "Retreat" literally means retreat - a retreat on time from our usual activities, which generally leave us little room for real inner development. A retreat on time, before returning to positive mental energy and a new perspective in those same everyday.

In the book Herzjuwel describes Ven. Geshe Kelsang Gyatso three types of retreats, the physical, linguistic and intellectual. "We are conducting a physical retreat from, when we deal with a spiritual motivation from other people, retreat activities and noise and detach ourselves from insignificant and meaningless actions. We carry a verbal retreat from, if we restrain ourselves with a spiritual motivation of meaningless talk and observe moments of silence. We carry a spiritual retreat from, if we distractions and strong delusions such as attachment, prevent anger and jealousy in the making, by maintaining mindfulness and conscientiousness. "

Das internationale Retreatzentrum Tharpaland

Tharpaland is the ideal place for qualified groups- and solitary retreat, and the Hauptretreatzentrum the New Kadampa Tradition Kadampa Buddhism. It was founded by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso 1985 reestablished in the West, and since then thousands of people have successfully completed the various retreats.

Tharpaland is a historic manor house 19. resident century just outside Berlin - the Sommerswalde Castle, which is situated in the middle of an old park and surrounded by the vast forests of Brandenburg. This picturesque town, the only 45 Minute drive away from the center of Berlin, impresses with its natural beauty, its relaxing peace and quiet. "Tharpaland is my heart" (Geshe Kelsang Gyatso)

What to expect in a Retreat

Tharpaland offer various Retreatformate - group courses over the weekend, ten days or three months to solitary retreat and Dreijahrsretreats. To get a taste, recommended a shorter group retreat.

Retreats are usually Schweigeretreats, which guides the Scottish nun gene Devi and supervised. On request there is always translation. In order for the Retreat is a pleasant experience, Participants can choose, whether they prefer to sit on cushions or chair.

The meeting times are designed, that participants do not overextend and during the breaks plenty of time for rest and relaxation stays.

Tharpaland offers full board in the form of three vegetarian meals, also wheat-free for people with allergies food. Participants can single room without bathroom, Book shared rooms or dormitory accommodation as.

Prior notification is required. All information on the website