School visits

School- and teacher visits

Students and teachers in and around Berlin is the Berlin KMC open all year. Both classes and small groups of students interested, but also groups of teachers, are always welcome, to visit our Buddhist center in the form of a field trip or out of personal interest.

A visit to the KMC Berlin are groups of students the opportunity, to get to know life in a Buddhist center, buddhist practitioners to meet, to hear a talk on a desired topic, try a simple guided meditation and to ask questions.

For groups of teachers visit can be helpful, the teaching-related topics, deeply understand and, where appropriate, to clarify outstanding issues. It is possible, the meaning and symbolism of the altar, To discover statues and pictures in the meditation room as well as to gain a special understanding of Buddhist rituals.

In the lecture, the focus can be on any aspect of Buddhism, wie z.B. the life story of Buddha, the importance of Buddhism in our time, but also theoretical aspects of teaching, as Karma, Rebirth or love. We depend entirely on your interests, or even the curriculum relevant topics.

If you are interested in attending school program you can us by phone or email Contact