Voluntary Work

Who can volunteer?

Anyone can join! You need no special skills or experiences. There are many ways for volunteers, by anyone without training, or with minimal explanation, can be carried out. If you have a special skill, you can let us know like.

In what areas you can bring yourself?

Voluntary work at KMC Berlin
  • Assistance in the Event Coordination
  • Shop-, Cafe- and receiving assistant
  • Cleaning the center
  • Support in the area: Grafik-Design, Web-Updates, Event planning, Bookkeeping
  • Publishing work (Tharpa) …

Everyone, in these areas has experience or who want to learn, is invited, to contact us:

  • Spiritual program: epc@meditieren-lernen.de
  • Marketing: epc@meditieren-lernen.de
  • Shop: mail@meditieren-lernen.de
  • Building matters: admin@meditieren-lernen.de
  • Bookkeeping: mail@meditieren-lernen.de
Voluntary work at Tharpa Germany

Tharpa Publications is part of Dipankara Kadampa Meditation Center eV. and thus belongs to the KMC Berlin. Those who know a little publishing, know what there is to do everything: started in translating the books by Venerable Geshe Kelsang into German, Put work, Proofreading, Sales and marketing. Everyone, in this area has experience or who want to learn, is invited, to contact us:

  • Production: direktor.de@tharpa.com
  • Distribution: info.de@tharpa.com
  • Marketing: info.de@tharpa.com

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will it take?

Assistance expenses is both the Kadampa Meditation Centre as well as for the Tharpa between a few hours / Distributed monthly to regular or occasional tasks in the week, completely flexible according to your own possibilities.

There are lighter, but also - for the, wish it - demanding tasks. In other words: we will find the right job for everyone to get involved can make sense. It can be as little or as much time, as you have at your disposal. Each and every hour counts of volunteerism. Come by and discuss your free dates and availability with us.

who are we?

Our vision is, to open an access to Buddhist meditations and Buddhist methods Berliners and people from the surrounding area, which help, a meaningful, peaceful and to lead especially happy life.

The methods for training the mind in KMC Berlin based on the teachings of the New Kadampa Tradition. It presents the practice of Buddhist meditation in a modern and easily accessible manner. We offer various courses and study programs for all levels of practice interested; for people, who want to learn something about meditation, to which, who want to learn the practice of the Buddhist path to enlightenment in a regular study.

Any form one of your support and is very useful. It is a contribution to help others, To come closer to Buddha's teachings, to understand the true cause of happiness and therefore to be happier and more satisfied.

And now?

Call us or write us an email with a preferred date, then we can get to know us and find out on the spot, which employees at the center you could be the most.