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Der Gratis eBook Download Wie wir unser Leben verwandeln, erhältlich im Epub und Kindle FormatIn How do we transform our lives, a free eBook Downloads, writes the author, Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso:

"This book presents many profound methods of spiritual training, the clean and tame all our mind in a practical way. We use these methods to practical, we will win a special experience spiritual peace with security. By continually improve the experience, will gradually decrease deluded states of mind and our inner peace will grow. Finally, we will, by abandoning delusions altogether, attain the highest permanent inner peace of nirvana. we have our own delusions such as anger, Attachment and ignorance overcome and profound spiritual realizations of universal love, compassion, Concentration and wisdom gained, is our ability, helping others, be far greater. In this way we can help others, to solve their problems not just for a few days or years, but forever. We can help you, to discover an inner peace and a joy, no one can destroy, not even death. How wonderful!”

Read an excerpt from the chapter "Learning, others appreciate "

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Gratis eBook in ePub und Kindle-Format erhältlichOf goodness and with the strong desire, that as many people as possible find an access to the special lebensverwandelnden methods and exercises, in the How do we transform our lives contained, Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso has asked, that the book is marketed as a free eBook Downloads, as a special gift to each. The eBook is both ePub- and Kindle format available and can therefore practically on any smartphone, Tablet, Laptop or PC to read.

From How do we transform our lives:

"Sometimes we can help others, by providing them with money or better material conditions available. But we should remember, that the greatest help, we can give, is, to help you, to overcome their delusions and true, to discover lasting happiness in itself. Through technical progress and by more just society in a, make more humane way, we can certainly help, dto improve as people's lives in many ways. But whatever we do well, will inevitably have some unwanted side effects. The best, which we can hope, is, to help people to circumstances, granting them a temporary respite from their problems and difficulties. but true, we can not give them lasting happiness. That's so, because the true cause of happiness is inner peace, and that is only within the mind, not found in external circumstances. "

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For the methods, in the How do we transform our lives really help, continuing to improve our quality of life, is not it enough, this just to read or know theoretically. You need to take to heart and learn, how to apply them in daily life. We offer free email series “Advice for life” with helpful suggestions about, how to use the exercises in this book in your daily life. After registration for this email newsletter you will receive a weekly excerpt from the book, together with a proposal for a practical exercise for the time this week. In order to sign up for the email series, download the free eBook down and enter your email address in the sign-up area on the confirmation page.

lessons, to deepen your understanding

<Erfahren Sie mehr über das Buch, Wie wir unser Leben verwandelnVenerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso has established a network of centers and groups around the world, where we can receive inspiration and instruction, that can bring inner peace meditation directly into our busy life. Through these centers and open meditation classes, Study Programmes, Workshops and courses may be any or no difference to realize their own potential and develop their own mental capacity. How do we transform our lives is one of many life-changing books, which are studied at these centers. Each center offers popular meditation events Come sniff and courses, the focus on the lessons and exercises, in the How do we transform our lives being taught. Would you like to take the opportunity to study or learn more about these exercises, which are presented in this book, then visit their nearest KMC or branch. There are hundreds of centers around the world, where you can meet people, who already benefit from, in the How do we transform our lives apply the methods presented.

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excerpt from How do we transform our lives, Chapter "Learning, others appreciate "

"Our spiritual development and the pure happiness of full enlightenment depend on the quality of the living creatures. our ability, read the spiritual teachings, think about them and be able to meditate, depends entirely on the kindness of others from. We can also, as will be explained, without living beings, we give something, which our patience to the test, for which we develop compassion, never develop the virtuous qualities, which we need, To attain enlightenment.

In short, we need other for our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Without other living beings, we are nothing. our sense, an island, an independent, to be self-sufficient individual, has nothing whatsoever to do with reality. the idea, to be a cell in the vast body of life, Although the individual and yet intimately connected to all living things, the truth is getting closer. Without others we can not live and they in turn are of particular, what we do, affected. The thought, that it is possible, to secure our own good, while we neglect the other or even at their expense, is totally unrealistic.

By reflecting on the countless species, as others help us, we should take a firm decision: "I have to cherish all living things, because they are so kind to me. "With this decision we develop a sense of appreciation, a feeling, that all living beings are important and that their happiness and freedom are important. We try, our mind single-pointedly to mix and keep it as long as possible with this feeling, without forgetting it. When we rise from meditation, then we try, to preserve this feeling of love, so we always, when we meet someone or remember someone, think spontaneously: "This man is important. His happiness and freedom are important. "In this way we are in our practice, other learning to appreciate, Making progress."
How do we transform our lives
Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso
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