Online & on site: Meditations for beginners

  • Thursday | Course in German
  • 19:30 - 20:30 o'clock
  • Online broadcast
  • 7 € | 4-he map: 25€ | 10-he map: 55€ | included in the Zentrumskarte contain the KMC Berlin and study program card plus the Tharpaland KMC
  • As for Gyudzhin

Meditation evenings in mid

Learn to meditate

Learn simple meditation techniques such as breathing meditation to know and practice them in practice with us in the group. Through meditation we gradually and naturally develop a positive confident default. We discover an inner space, where we find the problems and challenges of everyday life real solutions, based on wisdom and peace. As you'll see, it is not a hoax - there are scientific methods!

  • 24. September | What is meditation ever?
  • 01. October | What is meditation good?
  • 08. October | How to start a meditation practice?
  • 15. October | Tips and tricks for daily meditation practice

2. Series: Progress in Meditation

When we begin to meditate, then it is important to understand our meditation practice with joy to connect and practical, as it supports our modern life. Thus, we will develop through meditation gradually the ability, our daily difficulties in family, convert work and play into meaningful experiences for inner growth. On these evenings we learn our meditation to be as, that we can draw a real practical benefit from it. Be welcome, to discover your own inner wisdom!

  • 22. October | make meditation successful
  • 05. November | preserve Meditation in Daily Life
  • 12. November | Meditation for balance
  • 19. November | Meditation for inner bond

Kelsang Gyudzhin is a German Buddhist monk and studied and practiced for nearly twenty years Buddha's teaching within the Kadampa Tradition. He takes part in the teacher training program of the KMC Berlin. Gyudzhin all sides is for his good heart and appreciated his calm demeanor.



Each evening is public, individually besuchbar and consists of guided meditation, Lecture and question & answer. There are no special knowledge needed, but sets a Online booking ahead. Everyone is welcome to participate welcome at the online broadcast!

Meditation & Lecture on site and as an online broadcast
Get in touch with the Sign up now Button or the calendar and select “on site” or “online” out. Timely registration is required due to limited seats or to receive the livestream link. If you are participating on site, join us Corona measures familiar. Participation via online transmission only for people from Berlin or the neighboring states, including Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania; here you will find Instructions for participation.

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