Online & on site: Defy worry: Meditations, give joy of life

  • Friday | Course in German
  • 11:00 - 12:00 o'clock
  • Kadampa Meditationszentrum Berlin
  • 7€ | 4-he map: 25€ | 10-he map: 55€ | included in the Zentrumskarte contain the KMC Berlin and study program card plus the Tharpaland KMC
  • As for Gyudzhin

This lecture- and meditation evenings show you, how to relate to your inherent source of joy (again) connect deeper and nourish your good heart. At the beginning we practice a common meditation on love and appreciation. You will then receive further explanations, will help you, to deepen your meditative experiences and connect them to everyday life. This is how you learn, to maintain your zest for life even under difficult external circumstances.

The series is taught by Gen Kelsang Ananda (reps. Fridays with Kelsang Gyudzhin) and is based on the "training of the mind" (Lojong), as in the book Eight steps to happiness - new edition of Ehrw. Geshe Kelsang Gyatso is presented.

25. September Where do i want to go? – through role models to the goal
02. October Connect us to our potential
09. October Purify negativity
16. October How we receive inspiration
23. October The Power of Motivation

Our general program hours include Dharma teachings with guided meditation. The hours are well suited for both beginners and advanced meditators. Although designed as a series, can be taken separately hours. There are no special knowledge needed, but sets a Online booking ahead. Everyone is welcome to participate!

The dates on Friday morning are repeat appointments from Tuesday night, in somewhat abbreviated form. Therefore you, if you have no time on Tuesday night, the possibility have to take part in this series.

Visits this course also on Tuesday night. More information you can find You can click HERE!

Kelsang Gyudzhin is a German Buddhist monk and studied and practiced for nearly twenty years Buddha's teaching within the Kadampa Tradition. He takes part in the teacher training program of the KMC Berlin. Gyudzhin all sides is for his good heart and appreciated his calm demeanor.



Meditation & Lecture on site and as an online broadcast
Register via the Register now button or the calendar and choose “on site” or “online” out. Timely registration is required due to limited seats or to receive the livestream link. Familiarize yourself with our Corona measures when participating on site. Participation via online transmission only for people from Berlin or the neighboring states, including Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania; You can find instructions on how to participate here.

  • Kadampa Meditationszentrum Berlin
  • Chausseestr. 108, 10115 -Berlin Mitte
  • Location: U6 Naturkundemuseum / S1, S2, S25 Nordbahnhof / Tram M5, M8, M1, 12 / Bus 247 – Chauseestr. 108, 10115 Berlin

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