Online & on site: Learn to meditate

  • So 14 June 2020 | Course in German
  • 14:00 - 18:00 o'clock
  • Kadampa Meditationszentrum Berlin
  • whole course: 25€ | 4-he map: 25€ | 10-he map: 55€ | included in the Zentrumskarte contain the KMC Berlin and monthly ticket Tharpaland KMC
  • Heiko Mamerow

Meditation & Lecture on site and as an online broadcast
Get in touch with the Sign up now Button or the calendar and select “on site” or “online” out. Timely registration is required due to limited seats or to receive the livestream link. If you are participating on site, join us Corona measures familiar. Participation via online transmission only for people from Berlin or the neighboring states, including Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania; here you will find Instructions for participation.

This workshop gives you the opportunity, to learn in three sessions, the most important basics of meditation and successfully begin their own meditation practice or to deepen this.

By simple meditation exercises you can learn:

  • to come internally at peace – Body and mind to relax
  • let go of negative thoughts
  • discover other ways with stress and difficulties to deal
  • to give ultimately your life a more positive direction and
  • to find a satisfied and sinnerfülltem life

As part of this afternoon you will learn a simple breathing meditation and a meditation in the real sense know. They can easily be practiced, but have big impact, to improve your own life. The compact course takes place in a pleasant atmosphere in the meditation room of the Kadampa Meditation Center.

The course consists of three sessions, that build on each other, but can also be booked individually for online participants.

14.00 – 15.00 o'clock: Learn to meditate: What is Meditation?

15.30 – 16.30 o'clock: Learn to meditate: How to meditate

17.00 – 18.00 o'clock: Learn to meditate: How to change your life with meditation

No experience is necessary. The course is for each or. any suitable. Everybody welcome!

Heiko Mamerow studied and practiced Kadampa Buddhism for nearly 20 years. It is how to integrate for his good example Buddha's teachings in daily life and appreciated his humorous and practical study.




  • Kadampa Meditationszentrum Berlin
  • Chausseestr. 108, 10115 -Berlin Mitte
  • Location: U6 Naturkundemuseum / S1, S2, S25 Nordbahnhof / Tram M5, M8, M1, 12 / Bus 247 – Chauseestr. 108, 10115 Berlin

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