Mindfulness training and meditation

To understand the value of mindfulness and how it helps us, our desire for happiness and freedom from problems of anger, to satisfy stress and anxiety, have to face the first question: What is the real source of happiness? What is mindfulness? And what meditation?
If we can find answers to these questions, we will see, that mindfulness training for successful meditation is essential, and that meditation is the best method, to satisfy our desire for happiness and meaning in life.

In his book, How do we transform our lives explains Ven. Geshe Kelsang Gyatso klar, how to do that mindfulness training and meditation become an integral part of modern life. Excerpts from this book, which is available as a free download in eBook format, are included in the following explanation.

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What is the real source of happiness?

Although we want at any time lucky, understand only some few of us, what is the real cause of happiness. In his book, How do we transform our lives explains Ven. Geshe Kelsang Gyatso:

The real source of happiness is inner peace. Is our mind peaceful, then we will be happy all the time, irrespective of external circumstances. But if he is disturbed or troubled in any way, we will never be happy, like no matter how well be our external circumstances. External circumstances can only make us happy, when our mind is peaceful. We know this from personal experience. Are we, for example, in the most beautiful surroundings and have everything, what we need, then disappears at the moment, where we get angry, any luck, we may experience. That's so, because anger has destroyed our peace inside.

We can see, that we must develop and maintain a special experience of inner peace, if we truly, want lasting happiness. The only way, To achieve this, is, to train our mind through spiritual practice: gradually our negative, reduce disturbing states of mind and eliminate them with positive and, Replace peaceful states. By constantly deepen our inner peace, we will eventually the highest permanent mental peace, or "Nirvana", experience. Once we have attained nirvana, We are our lives and life after life to be happy. We will solve all our problems and fulfill the true meaning of our human life have.

What is Meditation? What is mindfulness?

In How do we transform our lives a free eBook for download, defined Geshe Kelsang Gyatso meditation as follows:

Meditation is a mind, the one directed is concentrated on a virtuous object and whose function is, to let the mind be peaceful and calm.

In meditation we necessarily develop virtuous or positive states of mind. To focus on negative or even neutral states of mind, is not meditation and such objects are not really objects of mindfulness. There are two types of meditation: analytical meditation and placement meditation. We can understand clearly, how we apply mindfulness in meditation, if understand the difference between the two. As Ven. As Geshan Gyatso in How do we transform our lives explained:

Analytical meditation involves thinking about the importance of spiritual guidance, we have heard or read. By thinking deeply about such instructions, we arrive at a certain conclusion or leave a specific virtuous state of mind arising. This is the object of placement meditation. We focus and one directed to this conclusion or virtuous state of mind this as long as possible, to become deeply familiar. This single-pointed concentration is placement meditation.

For effective placement meditation we need to develop the skill, the object, we have chosen for meditation, not to forget. Are we ever of thoughts and feelings, that have nothing to do with the object of meditation, distracted or we fall dullness victim and concentrate on nothingness, we will never be able, to focus on the object of meditation. Our meditation practice will then have no power, to effect any positive changes in our lives. Mindfulness is a mental function, holding the object of meditation and, by letting us not forget it, distractions prevented. For effective meditation it is essential, to strengthen our mindfulness.

Mindfulness works together with vigilance, which is a part of our mind, testing, if we keep the object of mindfulness yet. Meditation practice also depends on concentration, a one-pointed state of mind, which leads through the focus on the object of meditation to inner peace. Mindfulness is essential to successful meditation and in the words of Ven. Geshe Kelsang Gyatso "the life of the concentration".

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Mindfulness training in meditation

To train during the meditation session in mindfulness, it is necessary, that we run a meditation practice regularly. In order to do this, we need to identify a particular object of meditation in each meditation session first, which we can focus. Breathing meditation can help, to bring our minds to rest at the beginning. But breathing meditation alone will have no transformative or long-lasting positive effect on our mind.

Based on, to have brought our mind to rest, then we need to move our focus to more meaningful meditation objects, about those, which are described in the teachings on the stages of the path. These were initially set out by the Indian Buddhist Meister Atisha, of Tibet in the eleventh century AD. lehrte.

One of the major achievements of the teachings on the stages of the path is the, to develop a state of mind, the other appreciates. In the following excerpt from How do we transform our lives explains Ven. Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, that we do with it, think about the benefits of appreciation for others. This leaves a decision arise, others appreciate, and it is this decision, which is the object, we keep in our meditation training with mindfulness:

The ghost, of all living beings cherishes, is very precious. Such a good heart only leads to happiness for us and all around us. This good heart leads to embracing compassion, the spontaneous wish, to liberate all living beings permanently from fear and distress. This will eventually convert to the all-encompassing compassion of an enlightened Buddha, that actually has the power, to protect all living beings from suffering. In this way does that leave us appreciating others for final, highest goal of human life.

By all these advantages, others appreciate, think, we arrive at the following decision:
“I will cherish all living beings without exception, because this precious mind of love is the supreme method, to solve all problems and to fulfill all wishes. Finally, he will give me the greatest happiness of enlightenment.”

We meditate as long as possible single-pointedly on this decision and develop a strong sense of appreciation for each individual living beings.

Mindfulness is nothing, we only practice during the meditation session. We have to bring our positive experiences from meditation into our daily lives, what we can do, as we mindful not forget our meditation object from the meditation session in our daily lives.

Mindfulness in everyday life

To train in mindfulness exercises in everyday life, We need some previous experience in, meditate on meaningful spiritual objects during formal meditation. In this way depends mindfulness training in everyday life of our practice in the meditation session from. We have meditating another example of the quality and are meditation practice, which is explained in the teachings of the stages of the path, followed, then we can use the pleasant experience of a meal as a reminder, a deep sense of gratitude for the kindness to produce other - rather than just enjoy the food. We can think of all those, who were involved, to provide us with food. And as we honor this, we are strengthening our feeling appreciative love for them. Familiarity with this view and the associated feeling is our relationship and interaction with the people, we encounter, greatly improve; and this is something, that can not be reached, if we just enjoy pleasant feelings. This method, convert daily activities in the spiritual path can lead us to higher spiritual attainments.

In How do we transform our lives says Ven. Geshe Kelsang Gyatso in terms of Meditation, to develop respectful love for all living things:

When we rise from meditation, then we try this feeling to preserve and implement our resolve. Whenever we are with others, should we always be aware of, that their happiness and freedom are at least as important as our own. Of course, we can not immediately appreciate all living things. But we can train our mind in this setting. By beginning with our family and friends, we can gradually increase the extent of our love, until it eventually covers all living organisms. we cherish in this way sincere all living things, then we are no longer an ordinary man, but has become a great being, as a Bodhisattva.

This type of practice in daily life is also greatly improve our mindfulness training in future meditations. Consider our daily experiences as opportunities, to train in mindfulness exercises, then our mindfulness will be reinforced by our training during the meditation break, if we then re-focus on the same object of meditation during meditation session. to train in this way in everyday life is very powerful, even if our mindfulness training in meditation is not very successful. As Ven. Geshe Kelsang Gyatso in the context of the Declaration on the practice, abandon self esteem (a ghost, appreciates our own happiness, while neglecting others' happiness), says:

Even if our meditation is not going well, we can practice mindfulness in everyday life and vigilance and stop self-esteem, as soon as it arises. This is a simple exercise, But that has great results. we practice it continually, then disappear our problems and we will naturally always be happy. There are people, have succeeded, completely give up their self-esteem and now cherish only other. As a result, their problems have disappeared and her mind is always joyful. I assure you, that you will be happier, the less you value yourself and the more you appreciate other.

How do we transform our lives - a blissful journey

How do we transform our lives How do we transform our lives Geshe Kelsang Gyatso offers all the necessary techniques and practical advice for us, to enable real inner development and transformation.

By putting the instructions, set forth in this book, we can transform our lives from a state of emergency in a state of pure and everlasting happiness. These instructions are scientific methods, to improve our human nature. Everyone needs a good heart, a benign nature, because we can solve our own problems as well as those of others and give meaning to our human life. Every living being has the same basic desire: to be happy and to avoid suffering. even newborns, Animals and insects want the. Since beginningless time this was our main wish and we have it all the time, even when we sleep. We spend our whole lives, to work hard, to fulfill this wish.

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