We are celebrating 25 Kadampa Buddhism year in Berlin

2019 is a jubilee year: We are celebrating 25 Kadampa Buddhism in Berlin! 1994 founded Ven. Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche our center. Since then, thousands Berlin have learned the precious teachings and techniques Buddha, leading to deeper experiences mental peace and happiness.

Since his arrival 1977 in England the Buddhist monk Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche Buddha taught teachings of Je Tsongkhapa's Tradition. 17 Years later, his students Gen-la Thubten attended to Geshe-la desire Berlin, to teach for the first time, a few years after the fall of the wall in various Berlin hotel Kadampa Buddhism.

A short time later grew out of a first group of students, the Berlin Center for Kadampa Buddhism, then under the name "Dipankara Center for Mahayana Buddhism". From that point on, the three study programs of the New Kadampa Tradition were offered stable and performed: the General Program, the Foundation Program and a few years later, the Teacher Training Program. In subsequent years,, which were not free from trials and tribulations, these programs always formed the center of the center of life.

2001 one was still young monk from Stuttgart was invited to Berlin, then 2003 the teachers of our center was and by Ven. Geshe-la was asked, "Resistant to teach in Berlin": Gen Kelsang Ananda taught and led in the past 16 Years, the main spiritual programs of the Center.

Since its inception, the Kadampa Meditation Centers Hamburg (2000), Dresden (2004) and the Tara Center Leipzig (2006) emerged from the New York City Center.

A real highlight was the focus of the international autumn festival 2005 to the Ven. Geshe-la and 3500 Participants in the Werbellinsee in Berlin. Since then, our center aligns the triennial German Dharma- and festivals of the New Kadampa tradition.

2008 moved in "KMC Germany" (KMC) renamed center then into the deepest Brandenburg, by Sommerswalde Castle near Oranienburg. Members of the community were in that time a lot of passion in the redevelopment of run-down facility, what our center 2010 even received the recognition award for heritage conservation in Brandenburg. 2012 then, the baton passed to the newly built in Germany international retreat center Tharpaland, the the restored in large parts Gutsanlage Sommerswalde Castle moved. - As a perfect place to retreat and seclusion. The KMC moved back to Berlin again.

2009 the seat of Tharpa publisher of Zurich moved to Germany and has been integrated into our center. Since then, the KMC Germany concerned the production and distribution of our precious studies successfully- and practice texts.

2013 acquired the center using the International Temples Project (E.T.C) a house for the community of KMC in Reinickendorf 2016 then in the middle two collapsed stores on the Chaussee Strasse in Mitte, great location: The end of a long journey; since the nineties changed the center 12 Times its premises!

Since opening on 01. March 2016 We achieve this with an average 20 Classes and pujas week, with school visits and events for companies more and more people in the middle and with our branch centers in other districts.

All these developments are only possible through the endless patience and loving guidance, us Ven. Geshe-la in all the time – unceasingly – has given. We would like to thank you very much.

It is wonderful to see, much in the last 25 Years has been achieved - to help people, to solve their daily problems and to find the happy and fulfilled life, after everyone is looking. And may be so slow, but surely meet Geshe-la prophecy: finally, a steady stream of happiness will permeate the whole country that from this center.