Always 8. of each month

Team up hundreds of people around the world for this powerful online puja at, when we sincere prayers and supplications to the Assembly of 21 Taras recite and ask the Holy Mother Arya Tara deeply, to provide all living things their blessings, so that all diseases and other barriers are removed quickly.

Session times: 3.00 o'clock | 7.00 o'clock | 11.00 o'clock | 15.00 o'clock | 19.00 o'clock | 23.00 o'clock

You can start the prayers at any time. To get the maximum benefit from the prayers, it is best, to participate at the respective meeting time.


Participation is free and no registration required. Each session is about. 75 minutes.

You too are invited, attend as many sessions as you like.

the prayers, which are recited

During these sessions we will recite the prayers, including the brochure Liberation from suffering, which is available from Tharpa in various formats.

The prayers are recited in German, but the brochure is available in many other languages. Visit the website of the International Tharpas and select your region and language.


Generally, prayers, which are recited by a larger gathering of practitioners, incomparably more powerful than the prayers of one or two people. In the scriptures we find to the analogy of the broom. Let's try sweeping the floor with a few bristles, then we will create little. but we add many bristles together into a broom, then we will succeed.

Ven. Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche